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Planning for Perspective

We Empower You to Take Control of Your Financial Life

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At TriPrescient, we are committed to help you, our client, find balance in your financial life and achieve your goals and dreams. We partner with you in a collaborative process to understand your ambitions and help align your finances to meet those goals.

Our strategic formula starts with our structured planning process and personal approach, taking into consideration all aspects of your financial situation. We complement our planning process with technology and software to make the process fun, efficient, and affordable. No matter what your goals may be, our financial planning process allows us to develop a plan for your unique needs, where you decide what is most important to you.

Planning for the future is a rewarding process. Take a look around to see what sets us apart from other financial firms, then grab some time on our calendar. Let us show you how we can make your dreams part of your future.

Welcome to Your Financial Future. Welcome to TriPrescient.

Our Mission: "To provide an empowering and engaging planning experience, delivering insight and bringing financial balance to our clients."

TriPrescient IDEA

The TriPrescient IDEA is our financial planning process, made up of three high level steps, to achieve your financial future. The TriPrescient name represents the steps in our financial planning process and the benefit from seeing it through. “Tri” is the prefix meaning three, and “Prescient” is having or showing awareness of and preparation for the future. 

1)  Identify – Identify your goals
2)  Design – Design a personalized plan to meet those goals
3)  Execute – Execute and monitor the plan
➢ Achieve Your Financial Future

What We Do 

The TriPrescient Advantage

Process Driven Planning

The TriPrescient IDEA (Identify. Design. Execute. ➢ Achieve Your Financial Future) is our goal-based financial planning process. IDEA, combined with our personal approach and integral technology, is our formula for creating an engaging and rewarding planning experience for our clients.


Our financial planning software allows you, the client, to determine your personal and financial goals. We partner with you in the planning experience. We collaborate with you to create a personalized financial plan for your unique situation and administer your plan implementation.

Affordable Quality Plans

Our proprietary financial plans are easily readable and provide actionable next-step guidance. Our plans offer significant value above, and often for a lower cost, than investment management alone. Our unique fee-only compensation model ensures our clients receive advice only in their best interests.

Professional Portfolio Management

Our clients benefit from the relationships we have in place with Betterment for Advisors to provide portfolio management services and with Dimensional for investment solutions. Betterment and Dimensional work with a select group of advisors who share a similar investment philosophy.

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About Us

Financial Planning Philosophy

At TriPrescient we believe financial planning is important because it provides perspective and balance - allowing you to plan for the future, provide security for your family, and live for today with less worry about what’s to come. Our job is not to tell you how to spend or save your money, but rather to give insight so you can make informed decisions about the goals most important to you. This insight allows you to see the trade-off between spending today and saving for the future. Our financial planning process helps provide perspective so you can achieve a balance for each and keeps you on track to achieve your goals.

Investment Philosophy

At TriPrescient we believe in a disciplined, long term, cost effective approach to investing. We believe diversification is one of the most effective ways to manage risk. We believe in a logical approach to investing that removes emotion and guesswork from the investing process that is typical of stock picking and active management of funds.

TriPrescient has partnered with Betterment for Advisors to provide portfolio management services for our clients. TriPrescient also has an established relationship with Dimensional, allowing our clients to access their unique and effective investment solutions. TriPrescient, Betterment, and Dimensional share a similar investment philosophy and the primary principles for investing success. These principles begin with creating a sound financial plan, followed by implementing an investment strategy through a diversified, disciplined approach, taking into consideration cost, value, and taxes. Follow these links for more information on Betterment's investment philosophy, their portfolio offerings, and Dimensional's unique investing approach.

Our Clients

Financial planning can benefit everyone, and at TriPrescient we are open to helping anyone wishing to engage our services. Our clients are typically in their 20's to 50's and range from single professionals, to couples at various stages in their careers and family life, to entrepreneurs and small business owners. Have a look below at a couple of our typical client situations. If the descriptions resonate with you, grab some time on our calendar so we can learn more about you and share how TriPrescient can help you Achieve Your Financial Future!

James & Elizabeth – The Busy Couple

James (40) and Elizabeth (38) have been married for several years. Together they have two children, Leah (8) and Thomas (10). James is a small business owner. He is the only employee and provides IT consulting services to companies. Elizabeth is a registered nurse at a nearby hospital. Together they have a solid upper-middle class income.

Their mortgage is $3,200/month and they have a home equity loan of $25,000 that they are paying off for home renovations last year. Their children are active and stay busy with piano lessons, playing soccer, and swimming. Elizabeth is fortunate to have health care benefits for the family through her employer, but family coverage is still expensive. Both James and Elizabeth contribute to retirement plans, but they don’t know if they contribute enough or have selected the right investments. They are also worried that their children will be saddled with student loan debt if they don’t set aside funds for education.

They drive practical cars, one of which is still being paid off. They don’t try to keep up with the neighbors who are always taking nice trips, but they are not sure how everyone else affords those non-essentials when it feels like they are just able to keep up with current expenses. They want to enjoy today without constantly worrying about their financial future. However, between work, extra-curricular activities, and family time, creating a financial plan to save for the future has always been a priority for tomorrow. After a recent conversation, James and Elizabeth decide they are ready to talk with a financial planner to get a new perspective, gain clarity, and organize their financial life.

Charlotte – Held Back by debt

Charlotte (28) is single with no children and has a good career in the marketing industry as a graphic designer. Charlotte has been out of college for several years. She has worked for her current employer for the past three years and has a solid income for her age and profession.

Charlotte currently rents an apartment. She also has $20,000 in credit card debt and $35,000 in student loans that she is still carrying from her college years and trying to pay off, and as a result has just an average credit score. Between these larger expenses and the typical monthly bills, she is frustrated that she never seems to have any money left over at the end of the month to save for the future. She does not like the feeling of living paycheck to paycheck.

She does not have much in the way of investments other than a small balance in her employer 401(k) plan. Charlotte feels fortunate to have health and other benefits through her employer, but she isn’t sure if she has made the right choices when it comes to her health care coverage, 401(k) investments, and other benefit options.

Charlotte would like to start setting aside money for a house down payment, but that possibility seems far off from where she is now. She feels that she could really benefit from some professional financial advice, but she is not sure if any financial professionals work with clients who have limited investment assets. After another month of frustration, Charlotte decides to do some research to find and talk with a financial planner who works with clients like her.

Our Company

Chris Ladd Photo

Chris Ladd

Founder & CEO

After receiving his Bachelor of Industrial Engineering degree from the Georgia Institute of Technology, Mr. Ladd established his career as a consultant and software developer for corporate financial systems. After 20+ years in this field and having always enjoyed an affinity for personal finance, Mr. Ladd earned his Masters of Business Administration in Financial Planning from California Lutheran University in 2011.

After completing his MBA, Mr. Ladd successfully completed the Certified Financial Planning (CFP) certification exam requirement and is currently a candidate for CFP Board certification.

While earning his degree, Mr. Ladd focused his research on “Developing a Software Implementation Plan for a Financial Planning Practice” as an independent study project. The experience was invaluable and allowed Mr. Ladd the opportunity to research much of the software and innovations available in the financial planning marketplace. Mr. Ladd’s experience as a software developer allowed him unique insight into efficiencies to be gained through proper software integration, which in turn allows for a better client experience.

With a client-centered focus in mind and his consulting background providing a foundation for working with clients, Mr. Ladd structured the firm to take advantage of existing technologies and outsourcing opportunities. The result was TriPrescient Financial Services, Inc. – a financial planning firm with the mission “To provide an empowering and engaging planning experience, delivering insight and bringing financial balance to our clients.”

What We Do

Working with TriPrescient

Start the Conversation

From the initial conversation you will notice what sets us apart at TriPrescient – we listen. We don’t engage in hard selling practices. In fact, the only thing we sell are our services, and we cannot do that effectively without listening to understand your goals and concerns. 

At TriPrescient we truly introduce you to our financial planning process before requiring any commitment from you. Initial conversations and a 90 minute online Intro & Discovery meeting to introduce you to our planning process and the software we use are free. After the meeting you have access to continue to work with the software and explore it on your own at your own pace. We do this because we're confident that once you see the value in the financial planning process and set your financial goals, you will want to see them through.

We truly enjoy helping clients and believe the financial planning process can benefit everyone – not to mention it can be a lot of fun along the way! If you have questions or want to know more about our financial planning process or services, please contact us via email, phone, or schedule some time on our calendar and set up a time to chat.

Technology and communication

At TriPrescient we know your time is valuable, and our service model takes that into consideration. We have implemented a number of technologies to make our communications more efficient while still providing you with the personal service you expect.

While we enjoy meeting with you in person whenever possible, much of our interaction will be through online meetings. This allows us to be more efficient with your time and easily share information as we progress through the planning process. As a client you will have online access to the client portal with the ability to view and work on your plan, update your personal information, view reports, and communicate with your financial planner.

The TriPrescient Financial Planning process

The TriPrescient IDEA is our financial planning process, made up of three high level steps, to achieve your financial future.

1) Identify – Identify your goals
2) Design – Design a personalized plan to meet those goals
3) Execute – Execute and monitor the plan
➢ Achieve your financial future

At TriPrescient our financial planning process is very collaborative and interactive. As the planner, we provide you with the best unbiased advice for your situation, and recommendations are made after taking into consideration your entire financial picture. As the client, of course you make the final decisions regarding your financial plan and prioritize funding for the goals most important to you.

A financial plan is constantly evolving. Life events happen that affect us personally and financially. When these events occur, together we update your financial plan to reflect these new realities and adjust the path taken to reach your goals.

Comprehensive Planning

At TriPrescient our comprehensive financial plans take into consideration all aspects of your financial situation. As you can see in the diagram, we review and plan for many areas applicable to your personal circumstances and, with your input, outline actionable steps for implementing your financial plan.

Comprehensive Financial Planning graphicEveryone’s personal goals and financial situations are different, and some plans take more time than others to develop, implement, and maintain. During our discovery process we will evaluate your financial situation and goals and clearly outline our fee before proceeding.

Some of the considerations taken into account when determining the comprehensive planning fee include:

  • Planning for one or two people (married/single)
  • Children (higher education planning)
  • Investments / Types of investments
  • Single or multiple incomes
  • Extended family considerations
  • Business ownership
  • Special planning requirements
  • Overall plan complexity

Below are examples to use as a general guideline for what complexity level your specific circumstances might fall into. A final determination will be made on a case by case basis and clearly communicated after the initial discovery process before any payment is required.

Complexity LevelExample circumstances for complexity level
Level 1
Single, one income, no children, investments in company 401k, additional investments
Level 2
Married, children, two incomes, investments in company 401k, IRAs, additional investments
Level 3
Married, children, one or two incomes, business owner, multiple types of investments, extended family considerations

Plan Implementation

Once we have developed your comprehensive financial plan, we continue our collaboration and work with you to implement the plan. An action plan for implementation is included as part of your financial plan. Some steps of the plan are completed by you, some by the planner, and some jointly. We help coordinate tasks and provide guidance along the way.

Often implementation of your financial plan will include working with other financial professionals such as accountants, attorneys, or insurance brokers. The extent to which we engage outside resources depends entirely on the needs of your personal financial plan. Any fees for these resources are paid by the client separately and directly to the third party.

After the key provisions of your plan have been implemented we continue to maintain your plan and monitor the progress towards your goals. Financial planning is an ongoing process. Life changes often necessitate changes in goals and, as a result, your financial plan. When these events occur we review your financial plan and adjust it accordingly. We also review your plan with you annually to ensure things are on track and make any necessary updates.

The purpose of a financial plan is to allow you to set your goals and establish a path to reach those goals without worrying everyday about the ups and downs of the market. However, many clients like the ability to see what certain adjustments to their plan might mean to their overall probability of success and to keep a pulse on their finances. Once the recommended plan has been developed, we provide our clients with an online dashboard where they can continue to explore options and see the details of their plan.

Portfolio Management

TriPrescient has partnered with Betterment for Advisors to provide portfolio management services for clients engaged in our Investment Management Service. Betterment offers a variety of portfolio strategies, including those built by Betterment, Vanguard, Goldman Sachs, and BlackRock as well as custom Dimensional fund portfolios. Socially responsible, taxable, and tax-deferred portfolio options are available. All portfolios are tailored to client risk tolerances, goals, and investment time frames.

TriPrescient’s strategic alliance with Betterment is a significant benefit for our clients. We share the same investment philosophy – the belief in a disciplined long term approach to investing, diversification, academic research, and market efficiency. Betterment collaborates with like-minded advisors who understand the benefits of Betterment’s investment approach.

Why TriPrescient?

Trusted relationships

At TriPrescient we value each of our client relationships and act solely in the best interests of our clients at all times. When working with TriPrescient, clients should expect an exceptional level of personal service and enjoy the financial planning process. TriPrescient’s financial planning process is a collaborative one, and we work with our clients at every step to achieve their personal and financial goals.


TriPrescient’s Comprehensive Planning Service and the development, implementation, and maintenance of a comprehensive financial plan provides significantly more value than paying a portfolio manager simply to manage investments. As part of our service, clients have access to professional portfolio management through Betterment for Advisors at an affordable cost.

Fee structure

Clients should expect a clear understanding of our financial planning fees, and typically appreciate our straight-forward, affordable fee structure. Our fee structure aligns our goals with the goals of our clients and reduces potential conflicts of interest. Check out our Fee Structure Benefits.

Services & Fees

Comprehensive Planning Service

TriPrescient's Comprehensive Planning Service is comprised of two services - our Financial Planning Service and our Investment Management Service. TriPrescient's Financial Planning Service includes development of a comprehensive financial plan, plan implementation support, and as-needed financial advice for clients, charged as a subscription service. TriPrescient's Investment Management Service is an optional add-on subscription service to the Financial Planning Service for clients with investable assets wanting integrated fee-only investment management of their assets.

Financial Planning Service

Investment Management ServicE

  • Initial creation of comprehensive financial plan
  • Implementation of comprehensive financial plan
  • Semiannual reviews and adjustments of financial plan
  • Creation of updated plan every 3 years or as life events warrant
  • Online access to financial plan, client dashboard, and client portal
  • Access to financial planner via phone, email, or online meeting for any financial related questions
  • Collaboration as needed with other financial professionals
  • Investment management integrated with comprehensive financial plan
  • Portfolio management through Betterment for Advisors*
  • Investment advice on managed and held-away assets
  • Annual rebalancing of held-away assets
  • Ongoing management and rebalancing of managed assets (AUM)**
  • Financial planner ensuring focus on long-term goals
  • Consolidated online access to both managed and held-away investments

 * Additional portfolio management fee paid from Betterment managed accounts not included 
** Managed assets above $500,000 incur a fee charged as a tiered percentage of AUM

Comprehensive Planning Service Fees

The Comprehensive Planning Service fee is based on one of three levels of complexity of the client's financial situation at the time of engagement. The fee has up to three components – an initial plan creation fee, a fixed monthly subscription fee, and a fee charged as a tiered percentage of assets under management (AUM) above $500,000.

The initial plan creation fee is discounted when enrolling in the Comprehensive Planning Service. 50% of the initial plan creation fee is due upon signing the Financial Planning Agreement, with the balance due upon plan delivery to the client.

The monthly subscription fee includes a Financial Planning Service fee and an optional Investment Management Service fee for clients wishing to utilize our investment management services. The subscription fee is a fixed monthly fee beginning after plan creation and delivery, and it is guaranteed not to increase for three years. Fees are adjusted every three years based on any changes in the client’s financial situation and the fee schedule in place at that time.

Clients may terminate the agreement without penalty for a full refund of TriPrescient's fees within five business days of signing the Financial Planning Agreement. Thereafter, clients may terminate the Financial Planning Agreement and subscription service with written notice without penalty at any time, and fees will be prorated to the date of cancellation. TriPrescient’s Comprehensive Planning Service fee schedule is outlined below.

Complexity Level
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Initial Plan Creation
– Plan Only
(one-time fee)
$3,500.00 $4,200.00 $4,800.00 
Initial Plan Creation
– with subscription service1
(one-time fee)
Financial Planning Service
(subscription service monthly fee)

Investment Management Service2
(subscription service monthly fee)

Combined Financial Planning & Investment Management Services
(subscription service monthly fee)

  1 Initial Plan creation discounted 20% with enrollment in the Comprehensive Planning Service for a minimum of three months.
  2 Investment Management Service subscription is an optional add-on service to our Financial Planning Service. Subscription fee covers unlimited held-away assets and AUM up to $500,000. Managed assets above $500,000 incur a fee charged as a tiered percentage of AUM. Additional investment management fees will be incurred from our portfolio management partners.

To get an idea of what complexity level your personal financial situation might fall into, please see the sample situations for each complexity level.

Portfolio Management Fees


TriPrescient receives a portfolio management fee based on the level of assets managed in the client account. The Investment Management Service subscription fee covers unlimited held-away assets and managed assets (AUM) up to $500,000.

TriPrescient’s portfolio management fees are based upon the following fee schedule (expressed as an annual percentage of net assets). TriPrescient's fee is prorated across the entire year and is charged at the end of each calendar quarter. Clients are charged a prorated fee for only the days their money is managed by TriPrescient.

Range StartRange EndPercentage
$5,000,000& Above0.20%


TriPrescient has partnered with Betterment for Advisors to provide portfolio management services for our clients. Betterment receives a fee based on the level of assets managed in the client account. Through our relationship with Betterment, this fee is discounted from the advertised fee offered to Betterment Retail Clients.

Betterment’s portfolio management fee is paid separately and in addition to the fee TriPrescient charges its clients for comprehensive financial planning and investment management services. TriPrescient does not receive a fee or any additional compensation for recommending any Betterment portfolio. Clients are NOT required to utilize Betterment’s portfolio management services as part of TriPrescient’s Comprehensive Planning Service.

Betterment's fee is considered a wrap fee and has a fee structure that includes portfolio management and brokerage services for one all-inclusive bundled fee with no additional account activity charges for execution of trades. Betterment’s portfolio management fees are based upon the following fee schedule (expressed as an annual percentage of net assets). Betterment's fee is prorated across the entire year and is charged at the end of each calendar quarter. Clients are charged a prorated fee for only the days their money is managed by Betterment.

Range StartRange EndPercentage
$2,000,000& Above0.15%

Fixed Fee Projects

On occasion clients engage our services to complete a specific project on a fixed fee basis. Fixed Fee Projects can include development of a stand-alone comprehensive financial plan, a retirement plan, a higher education savings plan, or some other type of specific financial plan.

The fixed rate for creating a comprehensive financial plan is based on one of three levels of complexity of the client's financial situation at the time of engagement. This fee is for the creation of the financial plan only and does not include ongoing services such as investment management, plan implementation, or ongoing financial advice.

The client can decide after the comprehensive financial plan is prepared if they would like to enroll in the Comprehensive Planning Service. The amount paid for the plan preparation will be retroactively discounted as per the terms of the Comprehensive Planning Service and the difference will be applied to the subscription fee.

Complexity Level
Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Initial Plan Creation
– Plan Only
$3,500.00 $4,200.00 $4,800.00 

Fees for other types of plans or projects are determined on a case by case basis, based on the level of complexity and estimated time commitment. For fixed fee projects, fees are determined and communicated to the client upfront prior to beginning any work for the preparation of the plan or other deliverable. The scope and deliverables of any fixed fee project will be clearly defined. 50% of the fee is due upon signing the Financial Planning Agreement, with the balance due upon delivery to the client.

Hourly Fee Projects

Clients seeking financial advice for a specific situation or only a financial plan and not wishing to engage in our Comprehensive Planning Service or Fixed Fee Projects options can engage our services on an hourly basis. On an hourly basis, time is charged at the rate of $200/hr.

Fee Structure Benefits

The industry standard in the financial planning profession historically has been to charge clients strictly a percentage of assets under management (AUM). At TriPrescient, our fee model is better for several reasons.

  1. More value for your money - We always begin with Financial Planning, but you pay for only what you need for your personal financial situation: Financial Planning only, Financial Planning with core investment management, or Financial Planning with additional investment management needs.
  2. Subscription service model - Fixed cost for Financial Planning and investment advice with annual rebalancing on unlimited held-away assets and AUM up to $500,000. AUM fees only apply to managed assets over $500,000.
  3. Stable subscription costs - The subscription service cost is locked in every three years and guaranteed not to increase during that time.
  4. More growth in tax deferred or tax free accounts - Subscription fees are paid directly and not taken from managed accounts, resulting in additional compound growth in those accounts over time.
  5. Fee-only model reduces conflicts of interest - The fee-only model aligns our goals with yours and reduces conflicts of interest. Acting in a fiduciary capacity, we will always act in your best interests and provide the best advice for your financial situation.
  6. Significant investment management savings - Compared to typical asset managers charging 1.0% or more of AUM for Investment Management only (See Hypothetical Fee Structure Comparison below).
Hypothetical Annual Fee Structure Comparison

Managed Portfolio Value

Typical 1.0% Investment Management Fee

TriPrescient & betterment Investment Management cost - Level 2*

Total Financial Planning &
Investment Management Cost - Level 2


* Includes advice and annual rebalancing on unlimited held-away assets and integration with financial plan

Fiduciary Promise

TriPrescient Financial Services and its financial planners serve in a fiduciary capacity for our clients and will always act in our client’s best interest. All of TriPrescient’s services are made in accordance with the fiduciary duties owed to its accounts and without consideration of TriPrescient’s economic, investment or other financial interests. TriPrescient Financial Services collects no other fees and receives no additional compensation from clients or third parties other than the fees outlined on our website and in our ADV.

Strategic Alliances

XY Planning Network

XY Planning Network is the leading organization of fee-only financial advisors who specialize in helping members of Gen X and Gen Y. Our advisors stand out from the rest of the financial planning industry because of the way they put their clients first:

  • They offer virtual services so you can connect with your ideal advisor, regardless of physical location.
  • They provide a fee structure that makes sense for most members of Gen X and Gen Y. Our advisors offer a flat (and affordable) monthly fee just like any other bill. They do not charge commissions.
  • They’re all sworn fiduciaries who uphold a fiduciary oath to always work in their clients’ best interests.

XY Planning Network advisors are also financial-planning focused, meaning all our members offer comprehensive financial planning services for consumers. We go far beyond just investment management.

We’re not your parents’ financial advisors. But we are here to help you live your great life.


MoneyGuidePro helps financial planners create an engaging client experience and has been considered the top choice of financial planning software, according to Financial Planning Magazine's annual survey, for ten straight years. MoneyGuidePro is the first collaborative internet-based financial planning software that makes this easy to accomplish. Its unique client-centered approach supports a sophisticated, goal-oriented planning process that is more meaningful to the client and more productive for the advisor. MoneyGuidePro, developed by PIEtech℠, is financial planning software for financial advisors. Since we believe that everyone can benefit from professional advice, we don't try to replace the advisor with software. In fact, it's just the opposite. Our goal is to enhance the advisor's value by enhancing the value of the financial planning process for each client.


Dimensional Fund Advisors is a global investment manager dedicated to implementing the great ideas in finance. Guided by a belief in markets, the firm builds and manages strategies to help investors pursue higher expected returns. An enduring philosophy, strong client commitment, and deep working relationships with the academic community underpin Dimensional’s approach and form the foundation for new strategies. Dimensional is headquartered in Austin, Texas, and has offices across North America, Europe, and Asia.

Betterment for Advisors

Betterment for Advisors is an investment advisory firm registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission. Betterment for Advisors is a new solution for advisors and clients alike. Betterment for Advisors is designed to streamline the investment process and accelerate an advisor’s ability to serve its clientele. Your advisor uses Betterment to help you make the most of your money. Betterment takes proven investment strategies that have been around for decades and uses technology to make them more efficient. Your advisor’s and our goals are aligned: to increase your long-term returns. Betterment for Advisors is a leading digital, wealth management platform for advisors.

TD Ameritrade Institutional

TD Ameritrade Institutional provides comprehensive brokerage and custody services to more than 4,000 fee-based, independent registered investment advisors (RIAs). Our advanced technology platform, coupled with personal support from our dedicated service teams, allows investment advisors to grow and manage their practices more efficiently and effectively, while optimizing time with clients. We provide a robust offering of products, programs, and services designed to help advisors build their businesses and do the best possible job they can to help their clients with their financial goals.  We are also committed to advocating on behalf of advisors and their clients on important issues. We understand the importance of being a fiduciary and strive to support RIAs in their efforts to serve their clients.


Founded by a successful advisor, the Capitect platform provides a technology solution to streamline the portfolio construction and rebalancing process through advanced engineering and innovative design. Going above and beyond simple model portfolios, Capitect enables advisors to deliver personalized portfolios unique to each client’s circumstances, goals and objectives using the advisors’ own investment strategies. Capitect’s complete solution includes mobile-friendly client portal and reporting, portfolio construction tools that allow for “infinite drill down” and customization, and ongoing rebalancing technology and services. Embraced by leading advisors and integrated with the industry’s leading custodians and technology applications, Capitect’s sophisticated technology is disrupting traditional portfolio management approaches.

Financial Planning Association

The Financial Planning Association® (FPA®) is the principal professional organization for CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP®) professionals, educators, financial services providers and students who seek advancement in a growing, dynamic profession. FPA supports high standards of professional competence, ethical conduct and clear, complete disclosure when serving clients. FPA’s One Connection™ for professional development, business success, advocacy and community at the national and chapter levels is truly indispensable in the advancement of today’s CFP® professionals.

National Association of Personal Financial Advisors

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA) is the country’s leading professional association of Fee-Only financial advisors—highly trained professionals who are committed to working in the best interests of those they serve. Our rich history began in 1983 when a group of advisors simply wanted to serve their clients without muddling the relationship with commissions. Since then we have developed high standards in the field and each advisor must sign and renew a Fiduciary Oath yearly and subscribe to our Code of Ethics.  It's all a part of the mission of NAPFA. The association provides support and education for over 3000 practitioners all over the country and is governed by the NAPFA Board of Directors and supported by our four Region Boards.

NAPFA members live by three important values:

  • To be the beacon for independent, objective financial advice for individuals and families.
  • To be the champion of financial services delivered in the public interest.
  • To be the standard bearer for the emerging profession of financial planning.


FeeOnlyNetwork is made up of verified and vetted FEE-ONLY (no commission) financial advisors and CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ professionals. At FeeOnlyNetwork, we embrace this lofty ideal: The only financial advisor who can truly provide unbiased and objective financial advice, financial planning and investment management is an independent financial advisor (Registered Investment Advisor) operating under a strict fee-only compensation model, as defined by the National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA).

LLIS is the insurance advisor to RIA firms and financial advisors. With a team of 20+ with 300+ years of experience and subject experts for every insurance solution, LLIS recommends the best solutions for clients based on their individual needs. LLIS has a proven history of working with fee-only financial advisors who trust us to help their clients reach their income security and wealth preservation goals.

Contact Us

Feel free to grab a spot on our calendar, drop us an email, or just give us a call. Our virtual business model allows us to work with clients anywhere in the United States. We are always happy to discuss your financial concerns or answer questions about our financial planning process and services.